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We currently manage a portfolio of over 2.5 Million square feet of commercial real estate including industrial complexes, warehouse facilities, office buildings, and flex service centers for individual and institutional owners. Our property management team will provide you with property maintenance and capital expenditure plans for your property while anticipating owner and tenant needs and future capital projects. Comprehensive services include accounting, lease and contract administration, tenant relations, collections and delinquencies, maintenance, and construction administration.

Cavender & Hill is well-versed in Federal, State, and Local landlord-tenant laws. We act as a liaison between tenants and property owners, ensuring compliance with local and state codes.

With a deep understanding of the markets we serve, we determine fair operating expenses for proposed budgets and handle timely rent collection, efficient payables processing, daily bank account monitoring, preparation and review of monthly financial reports, budget management, annual reconciliations, and maintenance of financial records. We prioritizes property maintenance, including inspections, coordinating repairs, preventative maintenance, ensuring life and safety compliance, and preserving physical capital assets.

Our dedication to the success of our tenants and fostering genuine relationships with them has resulted in a significant decrease in tenant turnover. In addition, our strong vendor relationships allow our clients to benefit from high-quality services at competitive prices.


Our accounting services are customized to meet each client’s specific requirements. These services include annual budget preparation of monthly and quarterly operating reports, operating expense budget management, escalations and reconciliation to be properly calculated and invoiced in a timely fashion and accounts payable services.

In close collaboration with property management, we efficiently administer the submission of monthly funding requests, address oversight of rental collections, and administer lease requirements for Tenant/Vendor insurance to ensure all certificates are kept up to date. We prioritize the safety and security of your information by implementing the latest and most advanced security measures. You can have peace of mind knowing that your data is in safe and secure hands.


Well-maintained properties not only enhance their value but also contribute to tenant satisfaction and long-term success. Our property management maintenance services are designed to ensure that your real estate investments are kept in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing returns. With our reliable, efficient, and comprehensive maintenance solutions, you can trust us to preserve the integrity and attractiveness of your properties.

Our full-time uniformed maintenance team can quickly and efficiently handle emergency and routine maintenance as well as special tenant requests. These services include HVAC filter changing, lock work, irrigation repair, and general handyman services. Additionally, we maintain a complete list of qualified and insured service contractors.